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Fitbodyrelax , your partner in sport, well-being and health prevention offers sports coaching to improve cohesion within your company's teams.  

Priscilia Maxwell , sports coach in Saint Tropez , travels to your premises and to the external surroundings of your company in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez and its surroundings.


Take care of your employees and partners by offering them fitness and relaxation sessions, given by a state-certified professional. 

Sports sessions have the advantage of releasing accumulated stress, reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease and hypertension, considerably reducing overweight, maintaining good physical shape, and allowing the mind to relax while having a good time.

  • Muscle building 

  • Cardio training

  • Pilates

  • Meditation/Relaxation

  • Massage

Sport in the company considerably reduces absenteeism and lateness of employees.

By offering them access to physical activity at their place of work in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez , they will be more motivated to get to work and on time.

Going to a sports coach improves the reputation of your company on the market. This advantage could motivate the choice of future recruits to join your teams.

A structure offering fitness and relaxation sessions to its employees will have a better chance of attracting talent. The happier the latter will be in their workplace, the better the teams will perform and therefore be productive.  

Some numbers:


An employee practicing sport accompanied by a coach is 9% more productive than an inactive employee. 


87% of managers believe that regular sports activity strengthens team spirit.


Reduce the risk of injury, depression and stress. 5 to 7% savings on health expenses for employees practicing sport regularly


In France, the majority of employees consider their state of health to be “poor” and the rate of employees in a situation of obesity is close to the

20% . The main cause is that they do not practice physical activity for lack of time or knowledge.

What happens during a session?

Sports training can take place outdoors or indoors on your premises.

After taking stock together with each participant, we establish a suitable program.

Depending on the needs of your professional activities, the session begins with joint and muscular, cardiovascular and/or postural warm-up work. The goal is to prepare the body for the activity and to allow letting go.

In some jobs, the back is often put to the test, causing chronic pain, so it is during physical activity sessions that you will learn how to use your abdominals effectively and postures to strengthen your lower back.

Collective sessions can also be organized if you have a meeting room or a suitable exterior. These moments are excellent and promote team cohesion.

The cardio-training exercises will be adapted according to the level of each one and your sports coach will be at your side to help you surpass yourself in the effort in complete safety.

Pleasure and relaxation are an integral part of the program, stretching and breathing exercises for the group at the end of the course will allow you to benefit from a relaxing massage if you wish.

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