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Sport is just as important as relaxation and massages. It is even essential if we want to feel good.  

My many years of sports coaching have taught me that the link between the student and the teacher is essential.

My work comes from my passion but also from the desire that others feel good and find their balance.

We speak of Yin and Yang in Chinese, I will speak Fit and Relax.

A balance between physical activity and relaxation is ideal.  


According to the expectations and needs of each I adapt.

Whether you are athletic or want to get back in shape, with a program or without depending on your goals.



You wish :

  • improve your  posture

  • losing weight

  • tone you up

  • be more flexible

  • regain your fitness

  • strengthen your muscles and heart

  • improve your stress management

  • increase your self-esteem and confidence 

  • regain a taste for sport

  • reclaim energy

  • feel inner peace


Coaching includes:

  • nutritional advice

  • personalized follow-up

  • a benevolent listening

  • the guarantee of professional secrecy

  • appointments at the location of your choice (home, company, yacht, hotel, gym, etc.)

  • managing your emotions

  • as an option, your sports coaching can include a relaxation and massage part


By calling on a trainer  jock  state diploma:  

You optimize your time and your efforts by practicing a physical activity in the best conditions.

All in a positive dynamic and at the place of your choice.

Professional, trained in efficient support techniques, I work with companies and individuals.

Choosing a personal trainer is the guarantee of obtaining the best results  and maintaining motivation throughout your journey.


My support is unique and tailor-made:

Let's meet at your home, at your place of work, your vacation spot, whether it's a hotel or a yacht, anywhere in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez:

  • Saint Tropez

  • Cavalaire-sur-Mer

  • Grimaud

  • Sainte Maxime

I will be at your side to put in place concrete and realistic actions to make your personal development process a reality.

My classes are centered on the practitioner. This is a real collaboration and not a sports demonstration.

I advocate the richness of sharing, it is an integral part of the values of my coaching. I establish a space of safety and listening so that the exercises adapt to all levels and that everyone dares to express themselves freely.

In an environment of trust and kindness, you will be free to share your emotions without judgement.


The sessions are suitable for everyone (from 7 to 77 years old). The duration of the training sessions may vary depending on the objectives to be achieved. From 30 minutes to 1h15 in a spirit of conviviality, all you need is a suitable sports outfit, a little water, your good humor and your motivation.

Each coaching begins with warm-ups of about 10 minutes to allow the body to prepare for the effort by increasing heart capacity and body temperature. This step is essential to limit injuries. The idea being to be 100% effective for the effort to come.

Then, we move on to the exercises that make up the body of the session. From cardio-training to muscle strengthening, with or without equipment and depending on the objective. Your program being completely designed for you, according to your level and your expectations, it will allow you to progress constantly.

Everyone's favorite time is to cool down, stretch and relax. We take this opportunity to evaluate together the course of this session and know your feelings. All these elements will allow us to prepare and adjust the next one as well as possible.  

Code of ethics 

Private coach in Saint-Tropez, Priscilia Maxwell respects confidentiality, the ethical framework and the code of ethics of coaching  professional.

Discover the course of a session

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