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Sports coach at home in La Croix-Valmer


So that everyone finds their balance, Priscilia Maxwell sports coach at La Croix Valmer,  guides you with the help of a private coaching service at La Croix Valmer to help you achieve your goals of weight loss, bodybuilding , guided meditation, muscle building, fitness , but also a massages and relaxation at La Croix Valmer .


A state graduate, certified in several well-being methods recognized in France and abroad, Priscilia Maxwell , personal trainer at La Croix Valmer, has been recognized throughout the Gulf of Saint-Tropez for many years. After having studied your expectations together, your private coach at La Croix Valmer will develop an individualized plan which will concern your physical objectives, your mental preparation, but also the development of a personalized plan for your sports training . Forget your limiting thoughts! , and evolve in your physical transformation, with peace of mind, trusting the best professional in well-being.  


A true sports specialist, Priscilia Maxwell , personal trainer at La Croix Valmer , Gigaro , will be your greatest support, and will teach you the keys to freeing your mind, so that you can achieve incredible performances in the best conditions.  


Don't wait and make an appointment with your sports coach at La Croix Valmer in  by calling or writing to the website  Fitbodyrelax.


Your personal coach at La Croix-Valmer offers you to train at home or outdoors why not go to  Gigaro for training on the beach, anything is possible! 

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