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Who am I



I am Priscilia, graduated from BPJEPS since 2009, I am a sports and mental coach in the Gulf of Saint Tropez:  


  • Fitness

  • Bodybuilding

  • Pilates Reformer (trained by Eva Winskill)

  • Postural stretching (Moreau method)

  • Stretching

  • HIIT


I have been practicing Californian massage for 10 years and recently certified in the Renata França method, I offer lymphatic drainage and the famous Miracle Face technique.


I have been working in the field of well-being for ten years, training myself over time in the most innovative techniques, whether in sport or in relaxation.


I offer you complete and personalized support, with a tailor-made program designed especially for you, aimed at harmonizing body and mind, in the comfort of your home.

My philosophy


Adapting to the rhythm of each one represents for me the basis of a quality service.

Listening, allowing yourself moments of pleasure, letting yourself be carried away by the surrounding atmosphere, reconnecting to your deepest nature are essential principles of life in which I believe.

It's time to offer you the best!

Villa/ Hotel/ Yacht

massage lymphatique et miracle face Renata França sainte maxime et saint tropez, ramatuelle, bassin

Childhood and confidences 

Very small already...  I dreamed while watching the speed races on the athletic fields. I found it fascinating that a sport could be a symbol of pride and that everyone, regardless of their economic class, could represent their country of origin at the Olympic Games.

These values in which I found myself, the power of an impulse leading to surpass ourselves in a challenge, perseverance, respect for the rules, all mixed with passion, and the patience to achieve one's goals. The idea of not letting yourself be destabilized by the adversary who is sometimes yourself: the mind, bouncing back from failure by getting up each time, and learning from your mistakes.  

At 6 years old , I wanted to become a hairdresser, a singer, I never imagined for a single second that sport could be a job!!!  

  At the age of 14 , when my mom asked me to choose an activity, I discovered a real passion for fitness and bodybuilding. My challenge: succeed in reaching the level of my sports teacher. The first exercises causing me muscle burns,  which sometimes even prevented me from finishing the courses... By dint of perseverance, without letting myself be influenced by external looks, I exceeded all my limiting beliefs, and I had a revelation  : I wanted to become a sports coach.  

At that time sports coaches weren't running the streets and the choices I was offered were limited to the FAC de Sport or a DEUST Métier de la forme, however, I already knew that what I wanted to specify myself in the field of fitness and bodybuilding.


I was starting 2 years of study in a private school, under a professional contract as a sports instructor in a fitness room at the same time, that's how I learned how complex life in a company was, and I didn't didn't match. These tensions inherent in the world of work and the personal trials of life led me to another path: to pass my professional coach diploma as a free candidate.


My diploma in hand , during my first years of private coaching, wishing to complete my skills in the field of well-being, I trained in Californian massage. Later, I had to go through a physical and psychological upheaval following of an injury. Rich in these experiences that allowed me to evolve, I had to face the facts: business life was not made for me.

During this period of introspection , no longer able to express myself with the help of my body, I managed to externalize my overflow of creativity by rediscovering my first passion: singing. I had just found what was the message in this ordeal: to give meaning to my life through my multiple activities, by combining sport, relaxation and music.

So I added a string to my bow, by becoming a mental coach . A project that I matured and developed with care: by practicing meditation and visualizing sports training.  

The multipotential is an asset of creativity, innovation, and sensitivity, of an extraordinary richness... Becoming aware of it has  added some harmony to my life. 

Today, I feel good, I need to challenge myself, and I have found my balance between sport and music.

Trainings and certifications

  • 2021 Trained and certified in Lymphatic Drainage and Miracle Face (Renata França)

  • 2018 Trained and certified in Pilates Reformer/ Cadillac (Eva Winskill)

  • 2018 Trained and certified in Cryotherapy (IMS Mecotec France) 

  • 2013 Trained and certified in Californian Massage

  • 2012 Trained and certified  Postural Stretching (Moreau)

  • 2009 Graduated from BPJEPS AGFF - Fitness / Bodybuilding 

  • 2007 Graduated from BAC STT ACC

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