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The 3 massage techniques offered go wonderfully well together:

Lymphatic drainage  of the body is recommended to fight against water retention, edema, athletes who wish to increase tissue oxygenation, can help with hormonal problems, improve sleep quality and immunity, etc.

The lymphatic drainage of the face will make it possible to reshape the face by evacuating stagnant water, an oxygenation of the cells, a brighter skin and an instant lifting effect. The benefits are very often even more visible a few days later.


For a purely relaxation objective, I also offer Californian massage , which is enveloping, it calms the body and mind to reconnect with more serene energy on a daily basis. It helps to let go and refocus on yourself.


Sports coaching is personalized according to needs and objectives.

Several methods are always used by combining body and mind



The lymphatic drainage of the body Renata França method is a draining massage to stimulate the body in order to accelerate its elimination processes by tonic gestures, firm pressure, regular pumping and a sustained rhythm.  


Priscilia Maxwell , your masseuse will then apply gentle and strong pressure alternately with the fingers, thumbs and palms of the hand in order to stimulate the lymph and play the role of a pump like the heart does with the vessels blood.


Lymphatic drainage is recommended to fight against water retention, edema, but also for athletes who wish to increase tissue oxygenation,  he can be a great support,  in the context of hormonal imbalance, it also improves the quality of sleep and immunity.


But lymphatic drainage is also a particularly effective treatment for eliminating lymphedema more quickly, such as that following breast cancer surgery.  

(Inflammation caused by an abnormal buildup of lymphatic fluid in a part of the body. Lymphatic fluid is also called “lymph”. Like blood, it circulates throughout the human body. It carries white blood cells, antibodies and nutrients .)

Manual lymphatic drainage is useful to fight against the engorgement of tissues, the storage of water and fat as a direct consequence of the appearance of cellulite. As part of weight loss,  will help to refine the silhouette by facilitating the evacuation of water, toxins and other fatty deposits.  

If you notice a feeling of discomfort and/or heaviness that weighs on you on a daily basis, you feel swollen in your ankles, calves or even in your stomach, lymphatic drainage is for you!  


Trained and certified coach of the famous Renata França method.


Lymphatic drainage has existed since 1935, the famous Brazilian Renata França has reinvented a more current and modern version, sufficiently intense and more tonic that it is adapted to our rhythms of our current lives. It is recognized worldwide.

The Californian massage or "touch of the heart"

For relaxation only, I also offer Californian massage dating from the 1970s, when therapy groups emerged where the development of human potential, the expression of feelings and the body-mind links were paramount .  

The Californian massage requires a particularly high degree of listening on the part of the specialist who must also demonstrate an ability to put the person being massaged at ease. It is a massage  enveloping, which unfolds gently,  it calms the body and the mind by erasing all the tensions, in order to reconnect you to a more serene energy in your daily life. It contributes to letting go and allows you to refocus on yourself. It is a global approach that aims as much for relaxation as for the awakening of a psycho-corporal consciousness, as well as aesthetics. This massage uses long, slow and fluid movements that allow deep physical and mental relaxation.

Californian massage activates the parasympathetic nervous system and reduces the secretion of cortisol, the hormone associated with stress. It releases tension in the body. It stimulates skin receptors that influence the nervous system and promotes the production of endorphin, dopamine and serotonin (hormones of well-being and relaxation). 

These have an anxiolytic effect and trigger a feeling of fullness. As you relax, breathing and blood circulation slow down, stress decreases, your body is in a state of complete rest.


Californian massage is a support for physical, nervous, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being and contributes in this sense to:

  • Improve tissue irrigation through venous and lymphatic circulation drainage maneuvers.

  • Soothe nervousness by stimulating many nerve endings.

  • Become aware of your body image and increase your self-esteem.

A Californian massage session can be particularly beneficial for people who are dispersed, anxious, stressed, or who need to refocus, by offering them a return to themselves, a sweet moment of abandonment in inner silence...


According to the Fédération québécoise des massothérapeutes, the Californian massage would help to effectively relieve people suffering from chronic pain and the muscle pain of people with fibromyalgia, arthritic diseases or others.

By detecting the underlying tensions and emotions, the Californian massage helps people who have experienced trauma or are following a psychotherapeutic process to free themselves.


Your massage will be organized at the place of your choice, in a quiet, heated and comfortable room. Dim lighting, a few candles and soft music will promote an atmosphere conducive to relaxation. You will be seated on a professional massage table, specially designed for optimal comfort.

Even if there is no established rule, it is advisable to take your time after the end of the session before resuming an activity, so that well-being continues.


These treatments and massages are very effective on their own but they can go perfectly together, ask for a tailor-made program.

Preparing for the massage to better enjoy it:

  • Hydrate well. 

  • Eat lightly.

  • Take a hot shower.

  • Dress comfortably.

  • Arrive early.

  • Communicate their needs.

  • Relax during the massage.


To receive the massage, you can wear the outfit of your choice: keep your personal or single-use underwear (provided for each session), bring a swimsuit as long as you are really comfortable in them. here and… that they are not afraid to receive massage oil, or to remain naked covered with a simple bath towel!


The Renata França facial lymphatic drainage, also called “Miracle Face”, is a facial massage that achieves an effect as spectacular as the body version. It's relaxing and refreshing !!!


The lymphatic system also circulates in our face in order to evacuate waste and toxins. When these accumulate, the lymph stagnates and inflammation mechanisms are created.


A real moment of relaxation and softness, lymphatic drainage of the face in addition to activating lymphatic circulation, detoxifies and decongests your face, accentuating its contours. Excess liquids are evacuated, the face then deflates and the bags under the eyes are noticeably reduced.

The "Miracle Face" is a complete remodeling of the face which, in addition to its draining effect, makes the skin more luminous: the lifting effect is instantaneous. Very often, its benefits are even more visible a few days later.

This treatment promotes the natural revitalization of the skin, the features are relaxed and the face is refreshed.

It is ideal for parties, brides and especially for post-operative situations.


It is advisable to carry out your remodeling as a “cure” of several close sessions, but you can also carry it out several times a month in maintenance.  

Coach trained and  certified in the famous Renata Franca method.

Lymphatic drainage has existed since 1935, the famous Brazilian Renata França has reinvented a more current and modern version, sufficiently intense and more tonic that it is adapted to our rhythms of our current lives. It is recognized worldwide.  


A personalized sports coaching service is offered: several methods are used, always combining body and mind.
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