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Audrey Bartolo


I had the chance to attend a circle of women, at La Garde-Freinet in the middle of nature, where Priscilia Maxwell gave a postural stretching session, I will never forget this magical encounter... I was blown away by the efficiency and professionalism of this sports coach! So, I booked two massage sessions, a lymphatic drainage and a "Miracle Face" Renata França, to discover the "masseuse" side of this admirable woman: I found the same softness there, and always an incredible technique. ! Not only is Priscilia Maxwell very attentive and attentive, but she is also very discreet and very humble. I highly recommend her. thank you and see you soon



Summer 2021 in St-Tropez, I had rented a city and I was looking for a sports coach for my children while we were cycling. But much more than a coach, my daughter discovered a sports and life coach. Even today she applies her wise advice. Thanks Priscilla 

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