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the  professional coaching  is a serious and rigorous activity, framed by rules of ethics.  

As a state-certified professional coach (Formasport LYON), I carry out my sports coaching activity in accordance with the following code of ethics:

Responsibility for decisions and actions:

The professional coach uses coaching techniques and skills in the context of student demand, professional development and the personal development of the coachee or coachee, including by having recourse to a colleague (nutrition, osteo, etc.), if needed.

Since professional coaching is a process of professional and personal development, the coachee or the coachee  is responsible for its implementation and its result. The coach therefore leaves all responsibility for his decisions to the participants. He thus has an obligation of means and not an obligation of result.

Protection of the person and benevolence: 

Respectful of people and aware of his position, the private coach refrains from exercising any abuse of influence. He adapts his intervention in accordance with the stages of development of the coachee or coachee.


The professional coach is bound by confidentiality and professional secrecy.

Coaching location:

The professional coach is attentive to the meaning and effects of the location of the coaching session.

Professional practice :

The professional coach authorizes himself in conscience to exercise this function of individual accompaniment from his training and his experience.


Refusal of support: 

The coach can refuse coaching support for reasons specific to the organization, the applicant or himself. In this case, he directs him to another professional in coaching or in the helping relationship.

Charter of ethics for coaching in business or organization

This code of ethics includes specificities for coaching in companies or carried out within the framework of an organization (public bodies, associations, etc.).

Request made in the context of business coaching: 

The demand for personalized coaching responds to two levels of demand, one formulated by the company and the other by the coachee himself or the coachee herself. The coach validates the latter's request.

Confidentiality and restitution to the client: 

Interviews with the coachee  are confidential.

The professional coach can therefore only account for his action to the instructing party within the limits established with the coachee.

Balance of the whole system: 

Personalized coaching in a company is exercised in the synthesis of the interests of the coachee or the coachee and his company. The same is true for coaching in a public body.

Coaching context: 

The coach is attentive to the professions, uses, culture, context and constraints of the organization for which he works (company, public body, association).

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