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Sports coach at home in Saint-Tropez


Through my massage service and sports coaching in Saint-Tropez  Fitbodyrelax , I come to your home, outdoors, to your vacation home:  hotel in Saint-Tropez , bed and breakfast in Saint-Tropez , palace in Saint-Tropez , yacht Saint-Tropez... or sports coaching in your company to offer you a professional service that will maximize your efforts. Your goal is my priority.


You will enjoy totally personalized services provided by your personal trainer in Saint-Tropez , Priscilia Maxwell . They will be made up of multiple training sessions , various and varied advice, in particular on the importance of rest, recommendations on a healthy and adapted diet, but above all personalized and evolving follow-up. These are essential parameters to master whatever your objective: fitness, weight loss, muscle building...  


Save time, your private coach in Saint-Tropez travels, enjoy a sports session in Saint-Tropez wherever you want. Your sports trainer in Saint-Tropez goes to the meeting point that suits you.


You can contact your personal trainer in Saint-Tropez by email, 24h/24h or by phone, I will answer you as soon as possible. 

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