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Discover the benefits of mindfulness meditation.

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Meditation is a mental practice that involves focusing your attention on the present. It has many benefits for your physical and mental state.

Meditation is a concentration technique that promotes mental well-being that leads to letting go and better control of your emotions and thoughts.

Mindfulness is exactly about living in the present moment. You are connected and receptive to your environment and your sensations.

Mindfulness meditation is the best way to combine these two arts of living.

Mindfulness meditation can be practiced in two ways:

  • taking a break while standing or comfortably seated.

  • by focusing your attention on a daily task.

The objective of this meditation is to expand your awareness of your bodily sensations and the space around you, while seizing the present moment.

Each time your mind wanders during meditation, feel the air entering your lungs and flowing through your entire body. By becoming aware that you have wandered into your thoughts, you have actually already returned to your meditation.

Meditation can be practiced from the moment you are fully available:

  • In the morning, it allows you to start your day in full presence and recover from a restless night or a difficult awakening.

  • Others will choose to give themselves a moment at work, during a break, or at lunchtime.

  • Meditating in the evening soothes the mind and sleepiness. It's a simple and effective way to drive away the thoughts of the day and approach a more serene night.

In 2008, a study showed that mindfulness meditation was effective in reducing stress and anxiety in both healthy people and those with chronic conditions.

How to define meditation? Action to reflect, to think deeply about a subject, to achieve something.

Attitude which consists in being absorbed in deep reflection: To immerse oneself in meditation.

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