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Sports coach at home in Ramatuelle


Because each person, each profile is different, Priscilia Maxwell sports coach in Ramatuelle,​  accompanies you with the help of a private coaching service in Ramatuelle to optimize your efforts towards your goal of weight loss, bodybuilding, guided meditation, muscle building, fitness , but also a massage service and relaxation in Ramatuelle .

State graduate, with 10 years of experience in the field of well-being in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez , I am at your disposal regarding your personal needs, your physical objectives, mental preparation, training planning , everything to help you get out of your comfort zone, and evolve in your physical transformation leading to body & mind balance.  

Sports professional , I take your safety into account, and am here to motivate you, and free you psychologically, so that surpassing yourself represents your new challenge. »


  For any information or for an appointment, do not wait to call or write on the website  Fitbodyrelax.

Your private coach in Ramatuelle offers you to train at home or outdoors why not go to  l'Escalet for training on the beach, everything is possible! 

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