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Sports coach at home in Gassin


Regaining a taste for sport is not an act that is left to chance: calling on a private coach in Gassin is the best way to save time and efficiency and above all to avoid injuries.  


The personalized programs are adaptable to all audiences, from children to seniors, including young mothers, or anyone wishing to improve their physical condition .  


Priscilia Maxwell, sports coach in Gassin , has 10 years of experience and a state diploma, as well as numerous certifications whether in the field of sport or in the field of massages and well-being in general. She will go to the place of your choice, your work, or your place of vacation or in the comfort of your home in Gassin. The goal is to support you in your fitness .


Fitbodyrelax answers your questions and studies your needs with you, in an individual and adapted way. Defining whether a goal is achievable is an integral part of the job of Personal trainer in Gassin.


Ask to be contacted to make an appointment with Priscilia Maxwell , private trainer in Gassin by phone or by email on the Fitbodyrelax website. 

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