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Sports coach at home in le Rayol-Canadel


Through my massage service and sports coaching at Rayol Canadel  Fitbodyrelax , I travel to your home, outdoors, to your holiday residence: hotel in Rayol Canadel, Hotel La Villa Douce, guesthouse in Pramousquier, palace in Cavalière, Le Bailli  of Suffren,  yacht in Cap Nègre ... or in your company to offer you a professional service that will live up to your determination. Your goal is the priority.


You will benefit from totally personalized top-of-the-range services provided by your personal trainer at Rayol Canadel , Priscilia Maxwell . They will consist of multiple training sessions on the beach, or in your garden at Rayol Canadel, Pramousquier, Cap Nègre, and even as far as Cavalière. Receive essential advice on the importance of rest, dietary recommendations, as well as personalized and evolving monitoring. Whether your resolutions concern fitness, weight loss, muscle building...  you came across the fitness specialist.  


Save time, your private coach at Rayol Canadel will come to you at the location of your choice.

Are you looking for a sports session at Rayol Canadel? It is with great pleasure and unparalleled professionalism that your sports coach at Rayol Canadel will go to the meeting point that you will have agreed upon together.


To contact your personal trainer at Rayol Canadel by email, 24 hours a day or by phone, it's here! 

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